Taxation Law

Taxation Law

Do you have unfilled tax returns? Do you owe back taxes? Do you live in fear of the IRS? Does your business owe payroll taxes?

Tax Resolution from Experienced Tax Attorneys.

Income taxes affect every business and individual. Whether you're dealing with complex tax issues or straight forward tax preparation, the professionals at Smith Peterson Law Firm are here to guide you through every tax season.

Tax laws change rapidly. When navigating the world of deductions and credits, true peace of mind can be achieved in turning over these often messy calculations to an expert.Do you have income from a business you own? Have you sold a home or have a new addition to the family? Do you have a child in college or perhaps a loved one that has passed away and provided you with an inheritance that has had an impact on your taxes?

If you own or plan to start a business, Smith Peterson Law Firm's Business and Corporate Law attorneys can guide you through the process. (Link to the Business Page) Once your business is up and running, now you have to pay your employees, deposit payroll taxes and file regular tax reports. All these tasks can be easily managed in our office, saving you a great deal of time and effort. You'll never miss a deadline or submit an incomplete report.
940's, 941's, W-2's and 1099's - If your business has tax forms to file you can count on us to handle it for you. For two employees to two hundred employees,we are here for you.

Financial planning is an important strategy and making sure you file taxes on time is just one of the ways the tax experts at Smith Peterson Law Firm, LLP are here for you. Are you thinking about your future and wanting to make sure you're prepared, even for taxes? Our experts can meet with you for tax planning purposes. Are you required to pay quarterly estimate taxes? Do you need guidance in preparing for major life events such as the sale of a business, moving into a retirement facility or ideas on how to pay for that college tuition? Smith Peterson has the tax experts that can help you facilitate through any of these issues.

Using a tax attorney is not just for the wealthy. When every dollar counts it's very important to make sure you're being asked all the right questions to account for every dollar earned, ensuring you get the refund you are due and make certain you pay no more tax than you really owe. Our competitive rates and preparation options leave taxpayers asking why go to a pop-up tax prep office in a strip mall or tucked into a Super Center when you can have a professional tax attorney on your side? Every taxpayer receives the individual attention they deserve.Our goal is to exceed your expectations, every single time!