Municipal Law

Municipal Law

Defining Developments while Helping Communities and Public Utilities

Municipal law encompasses all the local laws that apply to a specific municipality, like a city or county, as well as to the government agencies within those municipalities, such as a zoning review board.

Municipal laws cover a wide range of issues such as land use, zoning, property taxes, business licenses, environmental protection, policing and fire protection, sanitation, water and sewer services, and streets.

Smith Peterson has extensive experience representing clients in appeals of tax assessments, zoning disputes, land-use issues, variances and permits, code violations, and other municipal laws. We are a team of legal professionals committed to providing the best of legal services to communities, cities and townships across Iowa and Nebraska. With our over 200 years of combined experience and our accomplished work we an environment that is supportive and empowering; a team that is proactive and integrated into the day-to-day activities of the City; a staff that consistently provides top quality customer service and exhibits the highest degree of professionalism and ethical behavior; and a department with an exemplary reputation that is supported by all of the staff.

We will be viewed as a "best in class" municipal law department - an exemplary benchmark. We will have the trust of our clients and be known within the legal community as lawyers who provide excellent legal advice and perform excellent legal work that is timely, thorough and continuously improving. We will be considered an employer of choice for anyone seeking to perform legal work in the public sector. Our staff will be appropriately compensated, provided with professional development opportunities and have access to solid technology that creates efficiency and effectiveness in the practice of law. We will have a staff that is proud to be part of this organization and who always seeks to enhance the quality of our work and of our professional reputation.